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What is the best place to distribute your song online?

Artists required a label to sell their songs online before Studio Ninety. We revolutionised the game in 2020 when we partnered with digital shops to allow any musician to sell their tracks globally. Studio Ninety is now the India’s most popular digital music aggregator. We’ll take care of the rest after you’ve uploaded your music and completed the checkout process. In no time, your music will be available on streaming services like Spotify and Apple Music.

Why Choose Us

We are the Best Music Distribution Provider in India

We at Studio Ninety, Being Independent Artists Ourselves Know How If Feels when Your Music Is Not Earning Enough to Sustain,

We Provide Various Options for New Independent Artists to Increase their Reach in the Competetive Market.

Most of the Distributors keep you on a Contract of 1-2 Years and If you get an Opportunity in Between like If someone wants to Buy Your Song, They Won’t Let You Sell It, But at Studio Ninety we have a No Attachment Policy and you can take down your song anytime.

Your music will be available in over 150 digital stores and streaming services in over 100 different countries.

Compared to all other Distributors who Charge An Artist a Hefty Fee For Music Distribution, Studio Ninety Is Not a Company but thin of us as a Partner. Our Charges are Not Yearly or Quarterly. We Charge a Small One Time Fee for Your Single/Album and it stays Live Forever, Yes Until and Unless you feel to Take It Down for some Reason

We Pitch Your Songs to Top Aggregators in the Music Industry. If your song is doing well why not Pitch it for Gaana Exclusive or Spotify Originals Playlist. Studio Ninety is your Companion who will get It Done For you.

When it comes to Copyright & Patent. Your Song Is 100% Your Property.

Your Royalties will be paid Quarterly in Your Bank Account.


Choose Package Lessons

Single Release

For One Song
  • Release on 250+ Major
  • Access Group Class
  • Access Online Lessons
  • Group Support

Album Release

For an EP or Album of 8 Songs
  • All Features in Intermediate Level
  • 1 Hour/ Days Private Instructors
  • Access All Online Classes
  • Chance Live With Pro Players

Artist Pack

Unlimited Songs Release For 1 Year
  • All Features in Intermediate Level
  • 1 Hour/ Days Private Instructors
  • Access All Online Classes
  • Chance Live With Pro Players

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